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The church at Fond Baptist.

The church at Fond Baptist.

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You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.  Is. 25:4a

This is the church at Fond Baptist.  You’ll hear the speaker because the lack of electricity means the sound of fans can’t cover their voice.  You’ll be able to sit without worrying about sunburn.  But most importantly, this building provides shelter from judgment, fear of the future, and a lack of hope.  Help build the spiritual church of Jesus, but also know you are helping build more literal churches like this one.
By Mollie Bond


Want to see video of this moment?  Click here, and then play the video from December 4th.
“On arriving there, they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how he had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles.”  Acts 14:27
A group saw six Haitians meet Jesus for the first time.  After the projector turned off, their hearts turned toward a Savior.  I wasn’t there.  Someone on the team was willing to share and now I’ve been encouraged.  What story in the past week has given you encouragement to keep going?  What stories do you need to share so that others know how good God is to his children?  Encourage another to stop by this site so they too may be encouraged.  It’s why we share what we share.
Want to see video of this moment?  Click here, and then play the video from December 4th.
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Adoption (Based on a True Story)

Thank you to Ann, who allowed me to shorten a very precious story. I feel like I’ve gone on an amazing road trip and had only 3 minutes to tell you just about the pavement on Interstate 90, while missing the chance to tell you about the thousands of miles of scenery. Alas, I also find this story powerful and needed to tell you about.

Another thank you to Word Weavers. Your dedication and honesty is appreciated! Would I be published without you? I dismiss that nightmare quickly.

Finally, thank you to The Christian Pulse, who originally published this story, but has since removed older posts.

December 3, 2012 by 

Stacy clamped onto her new adoptive mother and stared as the van gained speed down the mountainside. She didn’t cry as Colombia passed into a memory. She crusted into a stoic two-year-old. She didn’t say goodbye to her birth mother who dropped her off at the orphanage frequently. Then she would return again after a week or two. This time Stacy wouldn’t be at the orphanage.

Stacy couldn’t stop crying. After being in the United States six months, she stopped as quickly as she started. It was as if she put her anguish into a box, and hid the grief for fourteen years.

Now, a shattered Stacy sat with her parents on one side of the table; a representative from the adoption agency sat on the other side. The previous night she and her adoptive parents tried to determine what was best for Stacy’s illegitimate daughter. It came time to sign away her rights.

Stacy’s father began the meeting. “Fourteen years ago, a woman made a difficult choice. She gave her child something she couldn’t provide.” Stacy’s body went rigid with the overwhelming memories. She leaked a tear that became a rush of emotion. This anguish wasn’t satisfied with stuffing the emotions back into the depleted box. This pain refreshed her and her decision. In a moment, Stacy realized that her birth mother loved her, and that her mother did a very brave thing. She also saw the significance of her adopted parents, and their unconditional love because she now felt that same love for her new daughter. Healing began that day. Freedom brought relief from crying.

We too must grieve our former lives and realize we now live a better life under God’s care through adoption. We can welcome freedom and love as we see others being loved. Sometimes giving up circumstances or people frees us, and them, to enjoy a new situation.

Are there changes at work? Is a friend moving? Is there someone unforgiven in your life? Who in your life needs to be released? Give up treasured people so you can receive treasures from others. Hand them over to their adoptive Heavenly Father, who has a much better plan for them than you can provide.

PRAYER: Father, I’m glad You’ve taken me in as Your own. Help me to release those people and situations to You so that they can be taken into Your family. I grieve what I wanted, but know You will give something better in return. Thank You for being my Father.

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God” (Romans 8:14 NIV).

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