Dreams and Callings

A college buddy and I were on her couch, talking about the plateau that a mid-career woman can feel. With our feet tucked underneath us like we were those college kids from decades ago, we discussed the next steps in our dreams as if we had just graduated. What struck me is that neither one of us was talking about the same dreams that we had right after graduation. At one point, I asked, “If my dreams aren’t the same, did I lose my way? Did I miss my calling?”

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Thank you, to author and friend, Kelli Worrall, for posting this guest blog.

You Are Already a Mentor

Thanks to the Grant Professionals Association for publishing this blog about mentoring.

“Katie was more than a great grants professional, she was my mentor. She pushed me to seek something bigger than myself. She asked how I had moved my vision forward. Katie connected me with other grant professionals, suggested tools to incorporate into my work habits, and provided a listening ear when a proposal got derailed.

Who in your life sounds like Katie? We are all mentored in life, whether it is a brief encounter that sticks with us or someone who intentionally asks us the questions that compel us to action. Mentors hold us accountable, challenge us, and bring us greater clarity on our values and purpose. Transformation occurs through the inspiration of another person. Are you ready to be that person?…”

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