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”…a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away…” (Ecclesiastes 3:6).

Intentional. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but at the beginning of 2013, I had a resolution. I wanted to live one word fully all year, and I chose the word “intentional.” This means many things, but mostly, for me the definition was to be present in the moment. Now, as 2013 closes, I can say I did live this year with the word reflecting in my actions.

I was intentional about making friends. I listened without thinking of a retort. I withheld from giving unsolicited advice. I laughed. I prayed. I loved.

I was intentional about my volunteering. I said no to good things, to say yes to better things. I grew in wisdom of when to give, and to withhold because giving became enabling. I learned how to let go.

I was intentional at work. I chose to work as hard as possible, giving my talents, when I was at the job. And then, at home, I was at home; Intentionally not at work, not thinking about work. I learned how to use my strengths, and how my strengths are my greatest weaknesses.

I was intentional about building margin. As a driving achiever, it’s hard to slow down and to keep a schedule open for “whatever.” I gave up the feeling of obligation, and chose to do things I wanted to do. Even at the cost of inconvenience.

Did I live well? Yes, but I didn’t always get it right. I didn’t have intentionality for every moment in 2013. However, I recognize that living this was has blossomed some seeds that had been in hiding for a long time. The season was right.

Along with living with intentionality, I ended up having to give up some other things. One of those was writing. For a season, my time and efforts were focused elsewhere. You might have noticed!

Note from 2020: You’ll notice a gap between 2013 and 2019 on this blog. I wrote with the intention of focusing my writing for Hope for Haiti. Feel free to check out older writings at Or, find a broader repertoire at

There’s a season for everything, and the season of intentionality was valuable. What is your word for this year? Share it on Facebook @HopelesslyHopefulBooks

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