Dr. Mollie Bond

Hey there. Pull up a chair. I want to tell you a quick story. While at work, my colleagues threw me a surprise work anniversary celebration. During that time, each person around the table shared a positive statement. To my delight each person said I had encouraged them in some way.

I hope this blog does the same for you. I love encouraging women who work at nonprofits, leaders of different generations than their workforce, and those who know they are on a mission. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I fully believe it all starts with a relationship with God. Therefore, I tend to write a lot of devotionals—short snippets of encouragement with a good story woven in, too.

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My Biography
As a John Maxwell certified coach and speaker, I offer workshops, keynote speaking, and coaching for women who are feeling stuck and work in the nonprofit sector to help them reach the next level of success. I ensure they are reaching their personal definition of success through my business, Nonprofits on a Mission. I stay current in the nonprofit sector in my role as a director of development operations at a health and human services nonprofit. I also serve as treasurer on the board of Providence Heights, a second-phase step for women on the brink of becoming homeless.

Outside of these roles, I am also an author. Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation, published September 28, 2021, is a 28-day devotional for people who are separated from their spouse because of marital struggles.

In the past, I’ve served on the Hope for Haiti board, a nonprofit that connects American churches with Haitian churches so indigenous leadership can more effectively lead people to Jesus in their community. I worked for a decade at radio and TV broadcast news stations before my career change to the nonprofit sector in 2011.

I have a degree from the School of Journalism at the University of Montana (2005). I hold an MBA from Kansas Wesleyan University (2011). I also earned an Ed.D. (doctorate of education) in nonprofit/social entrepreneurial leadership (2017) from Governors State University. My dissertation was titled, “Mentoring Women of Generation X: Program Elements to Increase Success for Nonprofit and School Leaders.”

My Contact Information
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Dr. Mollie Bond

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