How Can I Be a Better Mentor in the Grants Profession? Best Practices for Mentors

From the abstract: “Mentoring is a relationship that can bring grant professionals to a greater level of success. . . .This strategy paper presents some best practices mentors can apply when engaging in a mentoring relationship.” For the full article, see page 43 of this .pdf:

You Are Already a Mentor

Thanks to the Grant Professionals Association for publishing this blog about mentoring.

“Katie was more than a great grants professional, she was my mentor. She pushed me to seek something bigger than myself. She asked how I had moved my vision forward. Katie connected me with other grant professionals, suggested tools to incorporate into my work habits, and provided a listening ear when a proposal got derailed.

Who in your life sounds like Katie? We are all mentored in life, whether it is a brief encounter that sticks with us or someone who intentionally asks us the questions that compel us to action. Mentors hold us accountable, challenge us, and bring us greater clarity on our values and purpose. Transformation occurs through the inspiration of another person. Are you ready to be that person?…”

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The New Academic Styling of Dr. Mollie Bond

The word, “new” can encapsulate many types of beginnings. For example, I have expanded my writing styles to include academic writings.

Most recently, a strategy paper titled, “How Can I Be a Better Mentor in the Grants Profession? Best Practices in Mentoring” shows my passion for mentoring and for the grants profession. It’s good information for anyone who is a mentor (yes, that’s you!).

To read the paper in it’s entirety, please visit:

Thank you to the Grant Professionals Association, who has trusted me as the chair for the Mentor Match program for members, as well as publishing this paper.


“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” Job 8:7

A new beginning…

As I closed out the last post on this blog, I mentioned that I choose a word for the year, and try to embody that word as much as I can. In 2013, the word was intentional. There have been other words since then…moments, margin, redeeming the time…and in 2019, “beginnings.”

Many beginnings are occurring in life right now. A new home. A new writing project. A new focus on this blog.

Since the last post, I’ve earned a doctorate in nonprofit leadership, with my area of research in mentoring women of Generation X. If you are looking for my full dissertation, you can find it here: Click on the title to see the full .pdf. I’ve learned a lot about women in the workplace, mentorship, and generations. This new beginning is meant to share with you what I’ve learned and experienced.

Other more “academic” style writings will appear on my LinkedIn page:

And, as so many have asked, I am available for nonprofit leader consulting, mentoring program consulting, and fundraising consulting. Email me at so I can hear how I can help you.

Of course, there will be stories, Bible verses, and smiles along the way. Join me for the journey. Let’s start this new beginning together.

“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” Job 8:7