Pearl in the Sand

Pearl in the Sand is a diamond in the roth.  The historical fiction by Tessa Afshar tells the story of Rahab from the Bible.  The prostitute who lives in the wall of Jericho saves the lives of two men, jumps into Jewish culture, and ends up being a part of royal bloodlines.

A woman dressed in sheer clothing must learn about the untailored ways of her redeemers.  The dust gathers on your clothing as you read about Rahab’s new home in a tent.  The smell of fire drifts from the pages as you read about Rahab’s family take hold of the change of lifestyle and burn their blended clothing.  The taste of fear mounts as Rahab’s beau, Salmone, mounts his ride for war.

The fortunate part is that all these things remain as culturally accepted and Biblically accurate as possible.  Rahab did have to learn a new lifestyle, adapt to tent dwelling, and support the new nation as they fought in war.  Rahab takes claim in the Bible’s book of Joshua, she takes claim in Jesus’ bloodline, and she also takes claim in our hearts through Pearl in the Sand.

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