Changing Zip Codes

Changing Zip Codes are for those starting over.

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Starting over.  Moving, being single again, graduating, changing churches…many situations cause a person to start over.  This book speaks to more than just changing locations.  It helps the reader to settle into a community without the awkward pauses and polite laughter that lingers for years.  It’s the manual to building lasting relationships.

Carol brings a sense of understanding without being preachy that allows the reader to admit, “She gets it.” Community becomes harder to find, and deep relationships are difficult to find outside the computer monitor.  Developing connections in the midst of moving can be overwhelming, but not impossible.

Changing Zip Codes changes perspective.  Taking a walk out the front door will go a long way, and Carol shows you the next step after leaving your front door.  Are you in a time of transition?  Then don’t forget your manual.

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