My prayer life was stale. Talking to God seemed like a duty, and I treated God like a genie. However, Praying the Psalms by Michael Wolff was a game-changer! The devotional has Scripture lingering throughout prayers written in the vernacular, then some author thoughts to contemplate, and space for reflection. The prayers guided me graciously and pointed me to go deeper with God, which is the ultimate message.

I’m also glad for the encouragement to say what I’m thinking to the Lord, and drop the idea that I have to say the correct words at the correct time. Most importantly, this book taught me how to pray God’s Word back to him, which is not only an incredible experience, but a powerful tool to take down Hell’s gates. Praying the Psalms puts believers on the offensive, rather than the defensive!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

See this review at Amazon.

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