What Do I Know About My God?

I Know My God Better

I felt surprised.  I expected a book that extolled the virtues of God, saying he’s gracious and loving.  Instead, I got insight on how God uses his virtues to work in lives.  Reading Ms. Collier’s stories helped me more than just listing God’s great qualities.  In addition, the book is full of Scripture written out, which directly connected each story to his word.  This book was a pleasant surprise.

Also she introduces a wonderful idea to implant in my own devotional time.  I won’t ruin that surprise, but it’s a delightful idea that I can see anyone implementing.  I was glad to see how it worked for Mardi Collier, because I could see how it would work in my life.  That increased my motivation to really ask myself, What Do I Know About My God?

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