Does Haiti’s Desert represent desert in your life?

Haiti’s desert is the kind that makes you want to put on chap stick every three seconds. You want relief from the high heat and squint against the sun. Being caught in a hot wind makes a person frantic to find reprieve.

It’s easy to feel frantic when your quiet time dries up. You want relief. You almost get frantic to find something that “God wants you” to do. John Ortberg says, “But there was one thing he [Jesus] never experienced: He was never frantic. He never panicked. And in that moment I realized that God is never desperate” (If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat). Loose the feeling of being frantic for relief. God isn’t frantic. When the dryness begins, settle in, and see the growth instead.

by Mollie Bond
As seen originally on the EMEVI Blog.

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