The rain made the trail almost impossible. Ankles twisted, clothes muddied, Bibles forever wrinkled from the rain seeping into the backpacks. After the team arrived, dried off, and rested, the earth still made traveling to the outdoor restroom difficult. The bathroom was down the side of a steep slope, still muddy from the hours of rain.

So the Haitians built steps. Without a lumber store, or even scraps of wood, they chose to find large stones, carried them back, and made the steps so the foreigners used the restroom. They traveled with the team, and still found the energy to find the largest stones in the area.

It seems backwards. The mission team came from thousands of miles away to serve, and instead the locals served the team. Looking back on the uncomfortable feeling, it’s easier to understand Peter’s resistance of Jesus washing his feet. Peter didn’t want that uncomfortable feeling. Jesus washed his feet, because Jesus served. Peter needed to accept that. Just like the foreigners needed to accept the locals building the steps. Sometimes accepting Jesus’ service is uncomfortable.
If you don’t allow others to serve you, then both parties loose out on blessings.


Accept help, accept service, and accept grace, even if it’s uncomfortable.

By Mollie Bond, based on a devotion by Kathy Hart

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