“For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations” Psalm 100:5.

Kids in Haiti love the camera. In earlier generations, Haitian adults did not like their photo being taken. They would hide, or scowl, or be sure to let you know how it wasn’t appropriate. Slowly, that attitude is changing.
The kids are magnets to a camera. And now with digital cameras, it’s a game to have their photo taken, and to see the results instantaneously. They desire to be the center of attention.
God sees the children of Haiti. He knows them on a much deeper level, and longs to be the center of their attention. He has hope for the children of Haiti: the same faithful hope for each generation.
Hope for Haiti partners with families who have hope for their children, but not the financial means for them to attend school, or have a regular meal, or drink clean water. By sponsoring a child, you increase the likelihood that they’ll grow into an adult, and maybe one that likes their photo to be taken.
For more information on sponsoring a child through Hope for Haiti, visit the Sponsor a Child page. Would you consider this easy step? Maybe sponsor a child close to your own children’s age, or your grandchildren’s age. Leave an impression on a child that is longer than a snapshot. Leave an eternal impression.
By Mollie Bond, Photo by Dr. Susan

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