Coaching and Mentoring

I sat at the conference, expecting to hear the answer to that question; The one question on my mind that didn’t go away. I didn’t hear it. I asked teams that were experts in the area the question. I didn’t hear an answer. I read research to see if I could answer the question. While writing the dissertation about mentoring, one gnawing question kept me asking the question: What is the definition of mentoring, and how does it differ from coaching?

Here’s where I ended up: The difference is not in the outcome, but in the process. Coaching, as differentiated from mentoring by the John Maxwell Team, is because coaching is built on questions that guide the participant to find the answer that comes from within the participant. Meanwhile, mentoring is more of a participant hearing of experiences from another externally from the participant. Using the example of another, that participant can craft and shape their own journey. Both require the participant to understand themselves and what comes naturally to them. The participant has a choice in both avenues.

Three years ago, I finished the dissertation, “Mentoring Generation X Women” about mentoring women to reach the next level of success, however they define success. While mentoring is still valid and useful, I’ve added to my repertoire coaching women in the nonprofit sector. No matter where a woman is positioned in the nonprofit sector, we can all use a person to ask thoughtful questions and expand our beliefs in dreams and future successes. Therefore, if you are a busy nonprofit professional woman looking for a dependable person to keep you accountable, ask the hard questions, and help you reach the next level of success in your career, contact me!

I help women in the nonprofit sector get unstuck and reach the next level of success–however they define success for themselves. Coaching isn’t the same as mentoring. While mentoring will instruct and guide you from my experience, coaching is my chance to ask you questions that unearths the answers that are most natural for you.

© 2020, Mollie Bond

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