Priorities and Legacy

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Romans 8:18

Did you realize that Christmas is about 8 weeks away? When the weeks can be counted in single digits, I officially hit the panic button. And, especially during years where shipping delays and replacements seem the norm. 

For me, there’s that one moment during event planning that is far worse than the rest. It’s the moment that I realize the event is single digits away–weeks or days. Sometimes I try to keep my panic to myself, but sometimes it pops out in a meeting or with a colleague, and there’s a collective eye-popping silent recognition before words come flying out at a much quicker pace, “But what about…” is usually the first three words.

Romans 8 is an amazing chapter to read in its entirety. Today, we’ll focus on the 18th verse. It’s a good reminder that the pains of today can produce the glory of tomorrow. It’s also a reminder that some of the things we do today may not matter tomorrow. Those pains of today, well, it might not be a need in 8 weeks. 

This is a call to consider the pains of the day. Can we suffer through them, knowing the good on the other side will be worth it? This is also a call to pause and reflect on the activities of the day. Will they produce future glory? 

Sometimes I find this verse can pull me out of “that’s the way we’ve always done it” as the answer to the issue at hand. If we’re suffering the same way every time, does it produce future glory, or more troubles? Context is worthy to consider, but the context can’t always be the answer.

No matter which variation of application, the verse reminds us of legacy. If what we do today produces a better tomorrow, it will be worth it. Even if that “tomorrow” is 8 weeks away.

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