The Checklist Before A Fall

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Guest Blog: The Checklist Before a Fall

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”  Proverbs 16:18

It wasn’t the first time I performed a clogging dance on stage.  Still, I ran through the list of what I needed.  Shoes?  Check.  Costume pieces?  Check.  Music?  Check.  Entry forms?  Check.  I couldn’t think of what, if anything, I had forgotten.  However, I don’t remember humbly praying.  I had this covered.

My friend and I started clogging together years beforehand.  When I started clogging at 11 years old, the stage was a comfortable second home.  And so was my friend’s garage where she taught me how to clog.  We both also happened to be in 4-H, and had high hopes of going to the Colorado State Fair.

The first performance was at the County level.  The announcer called us next.  I ran though the same list again—Shoes?  Costume?  Music?  Entry forms?  I was ready.

The first step required me and my friend to slide back on the balls of our feet, and my head just about met the slick tile.  I missed bringing plywood to dance on when making my list.  Fortunately, the judges and audience gave us grace, and we started the performance again, albeit cautiously.

Twenty years later, and I still follow the same procedure.  I run though the list in the morning.  Shower?  Check.  Lunch made?  Check.  Read my Bible?  Check.  Prayer?  Check.  I think I am ready for the perfect day, and that unavailability—that pride—doesn’t allow room for God to work in and through me.  Nevertheless, I run into situations where I am ready to shine, and instead almost fall.  Fortunately, those around me give me grace and the ability to try again, this time more cautiously.

Think about your day yesterday.  Did you run through a list, prideful that you have it all together?  Did you ask God to use your day how he sees fit?  Take time to acknowledge his grace in those situations where you may not have the perfect precautionary plan.

(You can see Mollie demonstrate clogging on a video we posted on Facebook!)

 Mollie Bond is a writer.  She has encouraged others in print through Light from the Word and others.  She has written for various online publications, including,, and  Mollie holds a B.A. in Radio-Television Production from the University of Montana, and a Masters of Business Administration from Kansas Wesleyan University.  She has worked in radio or television, and currently lives in the Chicago area.  You can learn more when you visit her blog.

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