Living in the Pink

I can’t see the color pink the same way again! “Living in the pink” is the place between being completely pure, and being disobedient. It’s half-truth living. Sharon Tubbs brings a sense of this thinking through stories of fictional characters. Camille, Corrine, Chandra, and especially Sister Pinkie become personal friends through reading their backgrounds. The friends I met in the book wear pink, but I realized I wear pink at times too.

Read this book like it is a collection of short stories. The beauty of the stories woven together is comforting. It’s a chance to “bump into” a character whose story you already know. This style of writing made me feel like I’ve attended the Believers Ministries church. Getting to know the characters, seeing their flaws and their strengths, made me feel at home. The author does an excellent job of making the girls real and active participants in each other’s stories. Their stories clarify what it means to “live in the pink.”

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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